Parents Forum #2

Parents Meeting Monday 14th January, Warminster Sports Centre.

Meeting started 6.30pm.

JW=Jeff Williams, AP=Anthony (Tone) Phillips, KH=Kerri Hargreaves, SA=Steve Amour, CN=Carolyn Nicholls, RS=Rachel Symonds, EM=Elise Moxham, CW=Catherine Watkinson, HC=Hev Cooper, AB=Amy Beare, SM=Simon Mullinger

The meeting was an open forum and the following notes were record from general discussions:

Tone thanked everyone for coming and started by saying one of the main items discussed last time was SwimMark and we had said we would aim to re gain the SwimMark accreditation by March 2019, which we are still on track to achieve and thanked committee for their hard work towards this. Tone then asked for questions or anything for discussion.

Q. KH – would like to see a swim club calendar put in place if possible. She wasn’t sure if there is already one, but could parents be given dates of open meets, club events for the year if possible?

A. AP – Yes it is something that the committee are in the process of putting together. Chris and Mel are looking at dates for Open Meets and competitions for the year, we can check gala dates and we will get a list of dates for the diary out ASAP.

Q. SA – Land training has been mentioned before but has not happened yet, is it going to?

A. AP – Yes, we are in talks with Richard Nicholls at present and will be looking to run Land Training as a trial to start with. We discussed it at last week’s committee meeting and really want to get it started as soon as possible. We are looking to hold on a Friday and to begin with a small number of swimmers will be asked to trial it and it successful we can look to hold more sessions or open to other swimmers. Update to follow over the next month.

Q. SA – Is it OK for swimmers to do their own warm up stretches poolside before club sessions?

A. AP – Yes, Chris very passionate about this and we are hoping to introduce it soon so it becomes habit for swimmers to do before each session.

– CN – suggested 4/5 basic stretches to begin with and swimmers could be shown what and how to do them for a few sessions and then put up pictures/photos poolside to remind them what to do so they can just do themselves as other clubs do. Carolyn said she could help show swimmers what to do to begin with.

– RS – suggested maybe the older swimmers of each session could lead the stretches, and the younger ones would then watch and follow.

– EM – suggested we could maybe trial on a Sunday session to start with.

– AP – will discuss with Chris and rest of coaching team and start to roll out as soon as possible.

JW – Communication – said he wanted to discuss communication again which came up at the last parents meeting in September. He said clubs strive and grow on good communication and vice versa. He would like to get a feel over the next few weeks how parents feel the communication from the committee and club is. Parents meetings once a quarter is that enough? We have the social media page but not all are on it, Jeff would like to invite comments, suggestions, both tonight and over the coming weeks.

  • CW – how would we like the comments and suggestions to come in?  We already have the club notice board, social media, face book, newsletter, and website. Only thing missing is maybe emails, but GDPR makes that very difficult to monitor and maintain. So Catherine would also be interested to know what else we can offer also.
  • JW – feels the notice board is very important and must be kept up to date. Catherine said it has been quiet over the last month with the close for Christmas etc. but was being kept completely up to date prior to that and will be being updated soon.
  • HC – agreed the notice board is important to show everyone what is going on and to make it fair to those who don’t use social media.
  • EM – said we used to put open meets info on the notice board and thinks we should still do.
  • KH – said she thinks we live in the age of internet so most people will have access to either the website or facebook these days so must ensure they are up to date. (Elise confirmed that work has been done over the last week and is ongoing to update all club information the website and she will continue to post news ongoing.)
  •  CW – if we have anything really important we will send out letters as well as notice board, website and face book. Notice board will be updated soon – but again any other feedback is welcome so we can ensure we are meeting all needs.
  • SM– said he thinks we are actually are quite good at getting info out from the club, but what avenues do we have for parents/swimmers to contact club/committee?
  • CW – said Tess and her pick up lots poolside and will continue to do so.
  • JW – do we have email links for comments from parents on the website?
  • EM – yes just updated and can contact membership – Paula, and Helen – welfare, we could set up a main club enquires email or link but someone would need to commit to run, sort and distribute enquires to relevant person on committee? Consensus around the room was that existing avenues were OK for now, but again parents urged to let us know of any ideas for changes we could make to improve 2 way communications.

Q. AP – any ideas for anything else we could do, or fundraising or social events people may want to see in 2019?

KH –said she really liked Bar-B-Q held in 2018.

CW – said she is looking at fundraising at present with help from Aaron, Tegan and India, who have offered help with this as part of their young volunteer programme and DofE. We do need to constantly fundraise as obviously free events like the Bar-B-Q can’t run without the fundraising.

– Several people said what about a Quiz & Curry night? Which committee said they have tried before but not been successful in the past, but can look into again.

CW – Dorset Water Park has been mentioned as a possible event this year but still to be confirmed and we will let you know over the coming months of fundraising and events for 2019.

Meeting closed 7pm