Club Kit

Black Club Swimming Hats

All new club members will be issued as part of their induction pack a black Club swimming hat. It is recommended that Club members wear their black Club hats at all training sessions.

Gold & Silver Club Swimming Hats

All those Club members fortunate enough to be selected to represent the Club at galas will be issued with named gold coloured club hats [masters swimmers will receive silver Club hats]. These should only be worn at Galas and Club Championships.

Club Kit

Below are examples of the Warminster & District ASC Club kit and sizes that are available to order (this is not compulsory). This is professional, quick drying kit, in a white, black, grey colour scheme.

Club Kit Picture

  • T’shirt
  • Hooded Long sleeve top
  • Long sleeve top
  • Poolside shorts
  • Drag shorts
  • Jammers
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Swimming costume
  • Leggings

Kit can be personalised with initials on the sleeve if desired.

Ester Cockburn co-ordinates the Warminster ASC Club kit orders, and we place a bulk order when we have collated enough orders to do so.

We always ensure that there is an order leading up to Christmas time and notification via Facebook will be provided so that members are aware of the next order deadline.

Please feel free to download a kit order form or contact her directly on