ASA County Championships

County Championships (Counties)

These are the first major championships a competitive swimmer is likely to encounter. They are held over a series of weekends Feb/March and are similar to Level 1 Open Meets in that there are only lower consideration times.

The Counties are only open to swimmers of clubs affiliated to the relevant County ASA, of which Warminster is the Wiltshire ASA.

Entry qualifying times alter a little each year, but the previous year’s qualifying times can be used as a guide. When swimmers achieve County times the Club would expect the swimmer to compete.

Competition is divided into:-

  • Sprints (1 length) Competition
  • Distance Competition (800m & 1500m events)
  • and the main BAGCAT and Youth Championships, covering all other major strokes and distances (50m, 100m, 200m & 400m where appropriate).

Entry times will need to be obtained from Open Meets.

Qualifying times are as follows: Wilts-Champs-2019-Qualifying-Times-Issue-3-1