2019 AGM

Minutes of the Warminster & District Amateur Swimming Club AGM 2019

Date: Tuesday 10th September 2019

Venue: People Group House conference room, Three Horseshoes Walk, Warminster, BA12 9BT

Present: Sarah Coleman, Aaron Coleman, Chris Darling, Melanie (Mel) Kelly, Mark Kelly, Heather (Hev) Cooper, Jeff Williams, Anthony Phillips (Tone), Simon Mullinger, Ian Parker, Lisa Burgess, Jasmine O’Neill, Kerri Hargreaves, Carolyn Nicholls, Nicholas Pyne, Martin Somervell, Doug Winstone, Kevin Hands.

1.0   Meeting started at 6.45pm

Jeff opened by thanking everyone for coming and Jo for providing the facilities for the evening.

2.0   Apologies for absence: Helen Burton, Tess Gibson, Rachel Symonds, Elise Moxham, Paula Farrell, Catherine Watkinson, Phil Miles, Richard Payne, Sarah Jefferies, Rebecca Austin.

3.0   Minutes of last year’s AGM, any amendments & approval
No amendments, but the change of date of this year’s meeting changed from 11th to 10th with prior notice noted. Minutes approved by Simon Mullinger, seconded Mel Kelly.

4.0   Chairman’s annual report & thanks
Report as read attached Chairman’s Report 2019

5.0   Approval of Chairman’s report
Proposed Mel Kelly, seconded Simon Mullinger

6.0   Presentation of financial report
See attached report AGM Finance report 2019
Comments made in addition to report:


  • This year’s finance report is for 10 months to reflect the new year end in line with our new constitution.
  • The club as had higher expenses this year, mainly down to training new coaches, but finances are now levelling out, subs have been increased in line with increased pool costs. We had previously made a committee decision not to increase for a few years but have now said we need to increase year on year in line with pool fee increases.
  • We are aware we need to continue to fundraise to continue to support club funds.
  • We hope to implement team unify soon – this is an automated system which many other swim clubs already use and it will aid the committee and coaching team with admin and communication and make the day to day running of the club more efficient.
  • Ian said there had been a few issues of timing this year with the AGM so close to our new end of year of 31st August, so his report is attached as a draft and will be audited after the AGM.
  • Forecast as attached
  • Our aim is to maintain our funds over the coming year.

Q – Carolyn – have we bought Team Unify already?

A – Ian – No, it is not yet paid for so this amount is still to come out next year.

Q – Kerri- With regards to late subs, how does the club collect or deal with those who don’t pay on time?

A – Ian – Historically we have had up to a 3 month delay due to how our existing bank account, mandate and bank services work, meaning we have to wait for bank statements, before we can start to chase people, once we change bank accounts and can get a more automated system of online banking and team unify in place we will have a quicker handle on it and hope for this to improve in the future.

Q – Heather – When will we get Team Unify?

A – Chris – The company have built our site, but they have invoiced us incorrectly so are now waiting for a new invoice, which once we get we can pay for and start to get it live, hopefully will have new invoice in next 2 weeks.

Q – Mel – If someone hasn’t paid the correct amount how quickly will we know?

A – Ian – We will know within the month going forward once Team Unify is in place, but we still need to tally the payments to members swims etc, but we do back date any payment owed.

7.0  Approval of financial report

Approved Mark Kelly, Seconded Anthony Phillips.

8.0 Announce outgoing committee members, or any stepping down:

Tess Gibson – Committee member and kit officer – is stepping down – many thanks given to Tess for all her hard work and support given to the club over previous years and being a regular face for parent’s poolside.

Rachel Symonds – Committee member and SwimMark support, is stepping down – many thanks given for all her support on committee over the past year.

Sarah Coleman – Hon Secretary – is stepping down as club Secretary, SwimMark Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator but is happy to stay on as a committee member if voted to support those new to these roles.

Chandler Sear – outgoing boys captain – thanks given for time as captain and being an excellent role model.

Emily Symonds – outgoing girl’s captain – thanks given for time as captain and coach support and being an excellent role model.

9.0 Election of officers/committee members as per nomination grid

10.0 Thanks to outgoing officers/committee members

  • Thanks given as in point 8 above.
  • Jeff gave thanks to Sarah Coleman for her support to him and the club over previous years.


  • Chris – We have been waiting for a committee to give the go ahead on buying new software for us to be able to set up and use donated timing pads and therefore be able to register and use times for our swimmers at club champs and time trials – Chris said he has now managed to get the cost of the software down to under £300. Jeff asked if we could make a decision tonight and those present gave Chris the go ahead for him to purchase.
  • Chris – We have had a quote from Warminster sports centre manage Sue for putting up a club banner and hooks at the pool of £500 so Chris has said no and we will try and do ourselves.
  • Sue will provide some pictures, information and costs of what is needed to put in the timing pads and electrics as this will need to be done by council approved contractors.
  • Chris said if we can get on and install it and set it all up we can hopefully aim to run our own time trials in December.

Jeff – Thanks to outgoing committee members for all their hard work and support over the past year.

  • General thanks given to all committee members, helpers and officials of the club, without their support we would not have the fantastic club we have today.

Meeting Closed at 7.35pm

Next AGM: Tuesday 29th September 2020, venue TBC