Progression Physio

We are delighted to announce that we have been in discussion with Progression Physiotherapy as to building a relationship between the club and the Physio team in Warminster.

A swimmer at some point in their swimming career will face some form of injury that could hinder their performance and progression.

Helping to treat injuries will enhance the physical performance capability of the swimmer.

By working with trained professional physiotherapists with an understanding for our sport and the demands on the swimmer we hope that we can have a better focus and understanding of the correct management of the   injury and prevention mechanisms so that swimmers, parents, physio and coaches can work together to ensure that the best treatment is received both in and out of the pool.

Injury prevention can take several approaches from injury auditing, physical profiling and monitoring,  risk identification, risk planning and management and load monitoring.

Injury management will look at assessment and diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, clinical treatment, exercise prescription and monitoring.

We are therefore offering all club members the route to a physio at Progression Physiotherapy.

  • Progression will offer our members a discounted rate of £35 per session for all sessions. (usual rates are £45 for initial assessment and £40 for treatment sessions)
  • A communication pathway (with consent from the patient and the parents of the patient when a minor is involved) with the Warminster coaches regarding the rehabilitation of the patient and the best way to manage the swimmer in and out of the pool.
  • A route of communication to a trained physio and a relationship between club and physio who have a strong understanding of our sport.

For members to take advantage of this, then please contact them (details below) and provide your ASA membership number (which Tess or Catherine can provide you) to obtain the discounted rate.

We do encourage the communication between all parties so that coaches are able to assist in the rehabilitation of the swimmer and get them back to swimming as quickly as possible and up to full competitive strength.

Contact details are:

Scott Dupuy
Practice Manager
Progression Physiotherapy Ltd
01985 218301

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to talk to one of the committee on poolside.