2018 AGM

Minutes if the Warminster & District Amateur Swimming Club AGM 2018

Date: Tuesday 27th November 2018

Venue: Warminster School Pre-school hall, Vicarage Street, Warminster, BA12 8JG

Present: Sarah Coleman, Rachel Symonds, Emily Symonds, Helen Burton, Paula Farrell, Aaron Coleman, Chandler Saer, Chris Darling, Melanie Kelly, Mark Kelly, Neville Hay, Tess Gibson, Tegan Gibson,Catherine Watkinson, Hev Cooper, Jeff Williams, Elise Moxham, Meridith Mangiaracina, Anthony Phillips(Tone), Simon Mullinger, Ian Parker.

1.0 Meeting started at 7pm

 Tone openedby thanking everyone for coming and saying we have had a fantastic year, thanks to all who has helped in any way.

2.0  Apologies for absence:

Martin Somervell, Doug Winstone, Richard Payne, Rebecca Austin, Kevin Hands, Lisa Hay.

3.0  Minutes of last year’s AGM, any amendments & approval

No amendments, minutes proposed by:
Elise Moxham, seconded by Simon Mullinger

4.0 Chairman’s Annual report & thanks

Report as read attached  Chairman’s Report

5.0 Approval of Chairman’s report

Proposed Mel Kelly, seconded Simon Mullinger

6.0 Presentation of financial report

  •  See attached report  Finance Report
  • Comments made in addition to report:
  • Grant received this year from fudge trust of £1500 unlikely to be obtained again next year, so need to factor in that difference for next year as it paid for a large part of our bus hire this year.
  •  Also we spent considerably more this year on social events which was a committee decision but can’t continue year on year at this level as drew on some of our reserve capital to support this. Presentation night for example this year will be costing a lot more than usual.
  • Also large sum spent on equipment this year.
  • Pool hire figures include closure this year which was again a one off. Looking forward as Tone has mentioned we are funding training of coaches, we will have a new online payment system which will cost us money but also have huge benefits for club management. We will be looking to change our bank account this year. Cost increases this year look to be 3% from pool hire and 1% from ASA.

 We intend to increase subscriptions year on year in line with pool costs.

Q.  Melanie – do the figures include outstanding monies due from open meets.

A. Ian – NO. We still have some funds to come in from last couple of open meets of the year.

Q. Paula – does the balance sheet include monies from sponsorship promised for presentation night and don’t forget we will also take money on the night from the raffle.

A. Ian – no sponsorship not yet in so not included, that and any extra money from raffle on the night will be carried forward to next year.

Q. Mel – does this include HSBC monies of £1000.

A. Ian – Yes £1000 from HSBC is included – many thanks to Mark Kelly for obtaining this.

7.0 Approval of financial report

Approved Elise Moxham, Seconded Simon Mullinger.

8.0 Announce outgoing committee members, or any stepping down:

Anthony Phillips – Chairman – is stepping down as chair but will continue to be head coach – many thanks given to Tone for all his hard work and time as Chair over the past 3 years in the position.

Gary Bellfield – Vice Chair and assistant coach, is taking time away from club for health reasons – many thanks given for all his years of support..

Duncan Cockburn – Committee member – many thanks given for time spent on committee.

Kevin Hands- standing down as committee member but will continue to be part of the coaching team

Edward Austin – outgoing boys captain – thanks given for time as captain.

Aleasha Caple – outgoing girls captain – thanks given for time as captain.

9.0 Election of officers/committee members as per nomination grid

See attached nominations grid

10.0 Thanks to outgoing officers/committee members

  • Thanks given as in point 8 above.
  • Thanks to outgoing committee members for all their hard work and support over the past year.
  • General thanks given to all committee members, helpers and officials of the club,without their support we would not have the fantastic club we have today.
  • Tone gave thanks again to Chris Darling for all his support to him and the club this year and likewise to Sarah Coleman.

11.0 Submitting and approval of new Warminster ASC Constitution

  • New Warminster ASC Constitution discussed and agreed at last general committee meeting on 24th October 2018
  • Main change for members to note is change of year end from 31st Oct to 31stJuly and AGM to be now held annually in September rather than November.
  • All other points of new constitution are to ensure we are in line with new model Swim England club constitution version August 2018.
  • All present in favour, majority vote and motion passed

12. Change of club year end as above and Summer time rest 2 week period

  • Change of club year as discussed in constitution as in point 11.
  • 2 or 4 week rest period which will tie in with year end and be in the summer discussed– 2 or 4 weeks will be in August, dates to be agreed, but provisionally looking at 5th August -18th August 2019 off.
  • Tobe taken to next full committee meeting for approval and sign off after dates also agreed with sports centre.

13.0 Any Other Business (prior notice required)

NO questions received prior to AGM.

Q. Mark Kelly – As we have lots of officials trained and training now can we run our own open meets as funds generated are good from other clubs such as Team Bath AS.

General discussion around pros and cons, it is something we have considered and would like to aim towards it, but will take lots to organise and we have to gain a space in the regionally meet calendar first. However from a regional level they are looking to limit clubs to a set maximum meets a year in the future, which would create spaces for new clubs like us. Chris said it is something that is in our 5 year plan of where we would like to be as a club and what we would like to achieve along with where do we want to go next as we need to provide a forum or somewhere for our swimmers to perform either within our club or with direct links to bigger performance clubs such as Team Bath. Great idea and we need to look at it, but it will be big thing to take on. We may look to link with a neighbouring club such as Trowbridge. To be discussed further at committee meetings in 2019.

Mark Kelly – thanks and well done to coaches and helpers in the room as we are noticeably a strong club and when going to open meets and gala’s our swimmers are out there winning medals and really holding their own within the region.

Q. Mereidth – How would we run and implement a meet? 

Chris explained we have been looking at a platform but it is not cheap but we will look into more as a committee and report back in 2019.

Sarah C as Hon Club Sec offered Jeff Williams as incoming chair the opportunity to speak if he wished before the meeting was closed:

Jeff Williams – “I felt very honoured to be asked to be considered as Chair, and was very struck by the camaraderie he has seen since being a parent at the club. Having recently attended the last gala this was very evident and he was very proud to be part of, and associated with Warminster swimming club. It’s obviously a club that’s going places with some great people all working very hard and I very much look forward to working with you all in the future.”

Ian Parker – thanks to Tone for all his hard work and commitment during his time as Chair.

Date of next AGM; Wednesday 11thSeptember 2019. Meeting closed at 8.06pm.